Posture Research Studies - Body of Evidence

You know from experience, poor posture can lead to shorter breaths (decrease respiratory function), fatigue, all kinds of pain (back, neck, muscles, headache), what else? Did you know it can slow digestion and bring on constipation? I didn't. Yay!

And, you might feel more peppy and confident when you sit up straight. But did you know you might also turn into a math wiz? Here are some of the research studies that look at posture. Many studies are about the unhealthy physical and unhappy mental consequences of poor posture. I recommend reading it wearing a Posie or Poser.

Take these studies with a scientific mindset, some have stronger evidence than others. The reason to wear a Posie, or Poser, is if you feel better wearing it than not.

Health, Lungs, Breath, Fatigue & Posture

Poor Posture Pain - Neck, Back, Muscles, Headaches

Text Neck Posture Pain

Computer/Desk Work Posture Pain

Posture & Psychology